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Nov 29, 2006 at 06:07 PM

Choosing 1 of the available interface views of a DC


Hi folks,

I am having 1 webdynpro application using several separate DC and this works fine ( until now ).

I created a new DC with 2 windows and I want to select on of those 2 windows in the main application based upon certain criteria ...

I created an public component controller interface and generated 2 interface view definitions ( all with default plugs ).

Some questsions about this concept:

(1) When I add the DC to the main application then I cannot choose the "lifecycle"- its automatically put to "manual" - I assume this is due to the fact there are 2 interface views available ( I didnt' have this restriction with my other DC which only have 1 view )

(2) When trying to instantiate the component usage manualy I do not find any way on how to choose the interface view I want to use - I cannot find a way either to link the component interfaces views with the internal component interface view ...

(3) I can embed the external DC interface views without any problem in my main applications viewset and link in and outbound plugs but when I run the application I get dumps on missing repository objects etc ...

(4) As the lifecycle is put on manual I need to declare componentusage myself but also when trying that via createcomponent method I get dumps that component interfaces are not supposed to be used ...

I get the general feeling that this kind of functionality is not supported on JAVA stack 2004 ... or am I missing something ?

I also found a guide from a SDN community member using 1 window with dispatching inside ... is that the only way to do this ?