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Error in dependency SL_UTCMINMAX_COMPUTE: negative value for characteristic LOBM_APO_SL_MAX

Hi Experts,

I am running the stock overview program (J_3RMOBVEDH) and for a certain material i'm getting the following message.

Could you tell me why i am getting this message and how to solve it please?

Many thanks

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1 Answer

  • May 12, 2017 at 02:07 PM

    We'd have to see the code you have in the dependency SL_MAX_COMPUTE.

    You'd also have to make sure that the dependency is assgined to the characeristic LOBM_VFDAT.

    This is standard stuff set up by SAP. You should verify all your OSS notes are up to date for LOBM characteristics.

    The issue is that SL_MAX_COMPUTE is supposed to be a positive number or zero. The batch must have BOTH a date of manufacture, (DOM), and a batch expiration date (SLED). The dependency SL_MAX_COMPUTE then subtracts the DOM from the SLED and stores this in SL_MAX_COMPUTE as the number of seconds of remaining shelf life the batch has. In your case, this is resulting in a negative number of seconds. That should not happen as the dependency has checks in it to prevent that.

    Either the dependency SL_MAX_COMPUTE has been changed, or the FM it calls, SL_MAX_COMPUTE has been changed. Or, the material you are using does not have a DOM or SLED. But the dependency shouldn't run if both of those fields don't have values in the batch. So I'd say someone has incorrectly updated the dependency or FM. Or your patches from SAP are not up to date.

    The other outside possibilty is that you used programming or a load program to populate either the SLED or DOM values and this was done incorrectly. I.e. you some how allowed the SLED to be before the DOM.

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