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Nov 29, 2006 at 05:03 PM

Central SLD-User credent.are invalid or user is denied access in Runtime WB


When I navigate in Runtime workbench I get errors:

<b>Error during communication with System Landscape Directory: User credentials are invalid or user is denied access</b>

This error was posted multiple times.


Component Monitoring returns error -- SLD access not ok ????

I think I have a slightly different situation.

We have a central SLD which is on SOLMAN box.

I have connected our XI boxes to it. Configuration from my end looks ok so:

- SLDCHECK works fine

- RFC destinations were created and test works fine (I am not 100% sure which of the lot I created should look at SLD, and which should look back back at XI, Currently I only changed SAPSLDAPI to point to SLD. Do I have to change LCRSAPRFC as well

- In Exchange profile I have properly set access data to SLD





- PIRWBUSER (we are on 7.0) is not locked and is not locking while I am getting errors

- I maintained SLDAPICUST (Host, Port and user maintained) coresponding user exists on SLD/SolMan side with aproprriate roles assigned. In VA I assigned the role to him

What am I missing. Any hints how can I diagnose the problem