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Nov 29, 2006 at 02:52 PM

Summing up key figure in Cube - data load from ODS


Hello Gurus,

I am doing a data load from ODS to cube.

The records in ODS are at line-item level, and all needs to be summed up at header level. There is only one key-figure. ODS has header and line-item fields.

I am loading only header field data ( and not the item-field data) from ODS to Cube.

I am expecting only-one record in cube ( for all the item-level records) with all the key-figures summed up. But couldn't see that.

Can anyone please explain how to achieve it.

I promise to reward points.


Example to elaborate my point.


Header-field item-field quantity

123 301 10

123 302 20

123 303 30

Expected record in Cube

Header-field Quantity

123 60