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Multiple transportation group in material master sap

Apr 18, 2017 at 09:47 AM


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Hi ,

we have an requirement where user multiple transportation group in material master data.

For Example in Material A have Transportation group as 0001 & 0002 also.

Can any one assist me know how this can be possible.


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Please ensure that whenever you post any query and expect some inputs from SCN, you also explain what is the business process so that it will be easy for the members to give some alternate solution if at all your expectation cannot be met

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2 Answers

Manish Kumar Apr 18, 2017 at 10:36 AM

With standard you can have only one Transportation group.

Can you please elaborate your business requirement for having two different transportation group

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Hi Manish,

Please refer below business scenario.
For a Mumbai customer we have a problem with shipping article 3XYZZ.
This product has transportation group 0001.
transport not allowed to be shipped with the carrier that is assigned to route 189234, and transportation group 0001.
This product must be sent with the carrier that is assigned to route 189234, and transportation group 0002.

If we change the transportation group for the product from 0001 to 0002 problem is sloved but by this we solved this issue with Mumbai customer.
But problem created for delhi customer because order will be split in 2 different orders.

Now How can we assign transportation group 0001 to Business Unit mumbai and assign transportation group 0002 to business unit Delhi.


I am a bit confused... route determination depends also on departure and destination zone. Your Mumbai and Delhi customers have different zones. This means that you can have route 123456 for groups 0001 and 0002 for Delhi and 654321 for 0001 and 0002 for Mumbai. Or, if you have a reason not to change how 0002 and 0001 work for the rest of your products and you need special logic only for certain materials, you can have 0003 in the master data instead. Or, if the special case has to be valid only for a few customers, there is shipping condition...

What is the challenge here?

Manish Kumar Apr 19, 2017 at 09:36 AM

I believe using the transportation zone concept you can achieve this

Let's say you Central distribution center is in XYZ location from where you serve Mumbai customer (Transportation zone : MUM) and Delhi customer (Transportation zone :DEL) and you have a material MATERIAL1 with Transportation group 001, Mumbai Customer with Transportation zone : MUM , Delhi customer with Transportation zone : DEL

During Route determination the criteria are

Country of dispatch / Despatch zone / Country of Destination /Receiving Zone

( in this case you can have different receiving zone for the Mumbai customer and Delhi customer and accorndigly if you want to determine the route in order you can drill down at lower level and define you setting based on receiving zone )

if the above solution doesn't seem feasible

still you can play with shipping condition (in the customer master) while retaining the same transportation group and influence the route determination.

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