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​UX: "Bug": RSS-Feed broken - feedvalidator;

[I know RSS is not a communicated/documented/official feature, still I use it a lot and it really helps me consume and discover SAP-Content in a convenient way ]

Since a few days, the Feed of Tag "SAP Inside Track" ( https://blogs.sap.com/tags/72472722867005232775920452375500/ ) appears a "broken" in my RSS-Client (RSSOwl).

However, when I call the feed (https://blogs.sap.com/tags/72472722867005232775920452375500/Feed/ ) in the Browser (Chrome in my case), I DO get some content (lots of XML...).

Today I took a closer look at it, and was told by RSSOwl that it's an "Invalid or malformed feed" - it provided a link to a Feed-Validator (I didn't know that before),


As far as I can tell there is one character in a title, (the "&&"?) that breaks the feed.

Reasons I'm writing this:
- Do document the case, and also make aware of feed validation possibilities;

- Also, the 1st Screenshot gives an idea of how I consume SAP RSS-Feeds, maybe that's inspiring for others as well...

Other thoughts:

- A less strict feed-reader might interpret the feed just fine

(but: the very idea of XML is, that there's the possibility for validation, and that it either is valid (good) or not (bad), so I wouldn't want to go back to "fuzzy" here!).

What I might do as a work around:

- Contact the Blog-Author, and ask him if he can change the title; (Check, if the makes for a valid feed)

What SAP might do as a solution:

- Do some configuration(?) that always produces a valid feed (maybe somehow escaping characters that break the feed?!).



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