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Nov 29, 2006 at 12:58 AM

ITAB_DUPLICATE_KEY - Short dump on DTP execution



We are on BI 7.0 SP9.

I'm getting the above dump when I try executing the DTP and also when I try deleting the request from PSAdeleting request from PSA and even when I try executing the DTP.

<u>Short dump message</u>

A row with the same key already exists.

<u>Error Analysis</u>

An entry was to be entered into the table


had a unique table key (UNIQUE KEY)).

However, there already existed a line with an identical key.

The insert-operation could have ocurred as a result of an INSERT- or

MOVE command, or in conjunction with a SELECT ... INTO.

The statement "INSERT INITIAL LINE ..." cannot be used to insert several

initial lines into a table with a unique key.

I tried searching on OSS, but did not get any suitable note. I do not have duplicate entries for this Datasource in RSISOSMAP table and nor did I get duplicate entries when I executed prog RS_FIND_ISOSMAP_DUPREC.

Does any one know why do we get this short dump and what is its solution.