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Connection issues for SAP HANA Express on Google Cloud Platform

Apr 18, 2017 at 12:24 AM


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Hi everyone,

I am running SAP HANA Express on GCP and can't connect to the tenant database using HANA Studio.
Connecting to the SystemDB works without issues and also connecting via hdbsql to the tenant database works.
The tenant database shows up when running

select * from m_databases;

I tried both OS, Ubuntu and SLES, without success.
I have read that other people had the issue and it was resolved with HANA Studio 2.3.
I upgraded to 2.3 and still have the issue.

I was thinking it could be a Google thing, but I am not sure.

Has anybody successfully connected to HANA Studio on GCP?
Do you have any other advise what I can try to connect via HANA Studio?

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Hi Lars,

Your hdbsql can connect to the tenant database, HANA studio can't. Could you forward the error log from your HANA studio?



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1 Answer

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Apr 19, 2017 at 11:35 PM

Please follow the steps below to connect from HANA studio to tenantDB:

  1. Connect to the HANA studio with systemdb credentials.
  2. In the administration editor of HANA Studio, choose the Configuration tab. A list of all configuration files appears.
  3. Expand the global.ini configuration file.
  4. Select the section public_hostname_resolution and from the context menu choose Add Parameter. The Add Parameter Wizard opens.
  5. Choose Next and enter the values map_localhost in the Key field ,public IP of the instance in the Value field and click on finish.
  6. Open the SQL port of the tenantDB for the google instance.

You should now be able to connect to tenantDB.

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