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Nov 28, 2006 at 04:22 PM

Need Help in SAP RM : Specifications


Hi I am David, also working on EH&S SAP RM.

I am new to this and require some help .

We have a external system that sends Specification details via XI proxy and we need to Push this data to SAP RM system. I have 2 Scenario to implement.

Scenario 1:

The Material, Specification and the Link between the Material and Specification Exist in Sap RM . The specification has different property grouped under different property tree but it does not hold any value. Now I need to update the Property values. To begin with , as soon as I recevie all the details in the XI Proxy, I need to validate it against the existing property of the Specification. Please let me know the function modules that can be used to get all the Existing properties of a Specification. Is that I have to use C1F2_SUBSTANCES_READ_WITH_REF ?

What Is the function module that will help me update the Same .

Scenario 2:

Sometimes we need to Create a New Property at the property tree level for the existing specification. And then Update the Property value. How can I implement this scenario. What function modules are involved in this.

Appreciate your help.