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MM03 attachments security

Hello All

I have been asked to find out where the attachments are stored in MM03. I have gone into MM03 and have searched on a material, looked in Basic data and then clicked on to add an attachment. This is fine. I have then created a role for certain users to view the jpg attachment and they can and certain users cannot.

Here are my issues.

1. When I have locked down the role and especially locked down the authorisation C_DRAD_OBJ, this works and the user cannot view the attachment however the error message states this "Database error for <GET DATA FROM KPRO> <>". I would like to have something more informative like "Unable to view this as you do not have access". I am sure that I can get someone to do this bit for me but not sure as how to go about it.

2. I have deleted the said attachment form my desktop but can still view the file. Where is the file stored? Is there a repository for these files?

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3 Answers

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    Dec 20, 2006 at 09:33 PM


    We have the exact same problem you describe. Were you able to find the solution?


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    Dec 21, 2006 at 06:25 PM

    Hi Martin,

    Issue One

    For the direct display of documents, the system stores a local copy on the presentation server. Usually, the 'SAPworkdir' directory of the user should be used here. When you use the GUI for HTML or when you logon to a WTS server, however, no SAPworkdir directory exists.Therefore, the system then accesses the directory that was used last.

    Issue TWO

    This is due to various program errors or an authorization problem.

    Solution Error 1: '' file extension When you created the attachment, the file did not have any file extension.The attachment is then saved with the default file extension '' in KPRO.However, this is not a valid file extension for display purposes, and the activity is therefore cancelled.

    Correction instructions: 4.5B Y4DK8A09YZ

    4.6B - 6.20 Y6BK010359

    Always make sure that the PC documents that you attach to documents in SAPOffice or to objects have a valid file extension.Only in this way can the attachment be assigned to an external application at a later stage (for example, 'DOC' for Microsoft Word documents,

    'XLS' for Microsoft Excel tables).

    The relevant correction instructions ensure that a blank entry is used (FILE_EXT = space) if a file extension is missing in KPRO. If you would like to display the attachment again at a later stage, a dialog box appears for downloading the document.As there is no assignment to an external application, you must save the file locally and manually assign it to the application.If attachments should already be saved in your system with the '*' extension, you must reimport the attachments.If an export is required beforehand because, for example, there is

    no copy of the attachment, you can set a breakpoint in program LSO33F01, form routine DOCUMENT_CONTENT_TO_PATH.Then try to display the attachment and in the debugger, manually set the contents of the 'g_document-file_ext' variables to a valid file extension.

    Error 2: Slash missing between path and file name.

    When you download the file, a slash ('/' or '\') is missing between the path and the file name. As a result, the system tries to store a file in the root directory for which the authorizations are missing.

    Correction instructions: 4.6B Y9BK028607

    4.6C Y9CK041552

    This correction adds an additional slash so that the directory is determined correctly.

    Error 3: Write permission missing for the directory

    The user does not have any authorization to write to the specified directory. Change the authorizations.

    For a Citrix client environment, see note 601754.

    Refer the note 537791 - SAPoffice: Database error



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    Former Member
    Dec 21, 2006 at 07:15 PM

    Shyam - thanks for the response - I will try to digest and implement.

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