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Nov 28, 2006 at 01:10 PM

Message mapping logic


Hi All,

There is a message mapping logic which I need to find out for the below mentioned scenario.

Company name (Source Field) --> name 1 (target) (max 40 characters allowed)

Company name (Source Field) --> name 2 (target) (max 40 characters allowed)

If the Company name is more than 80 characters, set the invalid flag (TARGET FIELD) = 'X'.

If the Company name is less than 80, then check for the last space before 40 characters and pass the

value upto space to name1 and the remaining (if it is less than 40), pass it to name2.

If the remaining is more than 40, set the invalid flag (target field) to 'X'.

How can i accomodate this logic in message mapping? Do i need to use some java user defined function to achieve this? The requirement from the business is to do this strictly in message mapping itself. Appreciate a quick response. Thanks a lot.