Is it possible to copy just the price lists from a .qdf?

Apr 17, 2017 at 05:53 PM


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Hey everyone, so...my boss wanted to make a copy of the company database and use it as a test enviroment. I told him that you can´t make things like invoices, order sales and marketing documents in general and then restore the "official" database in the copy withou erasing the information on the copy.

He forgets a lot of things, but the question is the one above. I just want to copy the new price lists that our SAP partners are uploading on the official database to the copy from the .qdf file without the another information that SAP ask me to select. I attach a picture for better understanding

Those are the things (the ones with a red mark) that the 'quick copy' tool ask me to select too, but I don´t need that info. I mean, I mustn't to copy anything but the price lists.

I am almost sure that it can be done but I wanna be sure.

Thanks and best regards!

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Johan Hakkesteegt Apr 18, 2017 at 06:13 AM

Hi Jesus,

Depending on the number of price lists you have, I recommend that you use the Data Transfer Workbench instead. Alternatively you could use the B1 client's own import tool.

With this little query, all you have to do is copy the query result to a new Excel file, and use the client's own import tool:

SELECT i.ItemCode
      ,'EUR' /* or whatever currency */
/* WHERE i.PriceList IN ('1', '2', '3') */

Whichever solution you choose, I recommend that you create a second test company, copy / import the price lists there first, and make sure that all goes to plan, before committing the data to the live company database.



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That´s a nice option and since there are no more answers, I´ll select your answer as the best.


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