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Apr 17, 2017 at 01:22 PM

cProject object linking field is not enable in cv01n.


Hi Everyone,

We have cProjects 6.1 setup in our environment.The RFC connections to SAP DMS have been established. DIR's of all 'Document Types' can be assigned to a project successfully.

Now,in DMS, for a DIR XYZ,'cProjects Elements' object link has been established.However, when we attempt to add a Element in cProject Elements, the netire section gets greyed out and a message is displayed as follows.

" Object link to DPR_OBJLNK cannot be changed in this transaction,Message no. 26321 ". Its understood that linking cannot be performed from CV0*n transactions. In that case,from where would this feature be enabled?

We tried to implement the note 695088 , but system show note can not be implemented .