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Former Member
Nov 28, 2006 at 06:32 AM

How to send SOAP response to a File.............


Dear XI Experise,

We are invoking a webservice(open webservices from INTERNET) using SOAP Sender and we configured SOAP Receiver and we are getting the response. The scenario is working fine in all respects. Now we want to send this reponse to FILE.

Now my scenario will be like this......

SOAPSender >WebService(SOAPReceiver) >File

For this scenario, we are confused in desingn part. Following are my queries...

ℹ️ How many message interfaces do we have to create for above scenario(give us a clear picture.......)

(ii) Do we have to use BPM for above scenario, if so how many ABSTACT message interfaces has to be created.

(iii) How to design interface mapping.

(iv) How many communication channels are required in configuration with BPM(if so) or without BPM

Advance Thanks.......

Praveen Gujjeti