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Sender AS2 adapter expected url path and encoding

Dear Experts,

I am a newbie to the PI application. Could you please help me understand expected url path in sender AS2 adapter and as2 url in general.

I know it has to be <path> mentioned in the AS2 url (http://local:port/as2/<path>) from which messages are received to PI.

But my doubt is would trading partner provide us the as2 url?

Or do we have to provide this url to the trading partner with PI host and port details in "local:port" of the url? If yes, then is the value in <path> provided by the trading partner or is it something to we have to configure? and what exactly does the <path> refer to? (Is it a folder path or some server name?)

And for charset conversion in the same as2 sender adapter, would trading partner decide on source and destination encoding algorithm? What is the purpose of having encoding when we have signature and encryption options?

I referred to some blogs like the one's by Dimitri but I am still not clear on these points. Kindly help.



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2 Answers

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    Apr 17, 2017 at 05:06 AM


    1.Expected URL is something which the PI is expecting an inbound message for a prticualr URl i.e nothing but your third party URL ,howevre you can mention it as .* this works fine.

    2.And URL http://local:port/as2/<path> this is your PI system URL which you need to provide to the third party so that they can route a message to this particular URL.

    Local : IP/Hostname of PI system.

    port:port of your PI system

    path : this is optional this can be user defined like Dev,Qua and Prod.

    3.Signature and Encryption is used for message level security purpose , Where as Charset conversion is to define the charset for the data inside the message depending on the language of that charaters like utf-8 , iso-8859-1 etc.



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    • Hi Raymond,

      For ECC to EDI the Interchnage ID i.e sender ID , reciever ID etc all are generated in mapping depending on the RCVPRN value and some fix values / value mapping from IDOC control segment as this unique for each customer . Having said that, but still this is something which differs from project to project so i would suggest you to chekc with the functional guy.



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    Former Member
    Aug 15, 2017 at 12:29 PM

    Hi Manoj,

    As i am having same issue, can you please clarify on following

    - AS2 sender channel, we will use the URL provided by sender right? if so do we need to enable this url in our proxy servers?

    -AS2 receiver channel, we will mention URL with SAP PO server http://<host>:<port>/AS2/dev right. if so how about authentication for this URL. if i select basic authentication, how to create user/pwd and what kind of user we have to create.

    how about folder path : for sender channel the path will be provided by sender and for receiver channel how to define file name.

    Thank you.


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