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Adding a key figure to 0IC_C03

Apr 14, 2017 at 03:56 PM


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We have implemented cube

0IC_C03 along with the content 2LIS_03_BF extractor. No problems except our business are wants to report correct VALUES at the storage location level. SAP only calculates inventory value at the plant or company code level so our solution must occur in BW itself. We thought we could bring in Moving average price and then multiply by the quantity at the storage location level. I have the moving average price per material - no issues but I can not get it to read correctly into this cube. Any and all recommendations would be greatly appreciated. This cube does not work like any other cube or DSO that I have ever worked with.

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1 Answer

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Former Member Apr 17, 2017 at 10:39 AM


I think the main issue is with revaluations (2LIS_03_UM) since here the values are updated at plant/material level and not for storage location.

If you apply the logic in the transformation I think you will have some issues. For example how to reflect the current price modification in the history?

One potential solution could be a virtual key figure based on a IO Plant/Material with price is time dependent (from 0CO_PC_ACT_05 for example). Put a key date in your queries and use it (via customer exit) to read the price of the master data.

Create a variable for the price value of the type replacement path with reference to your master data and attribute price.

Create a calculated key figure using the variable for the price.

Create other calculated key figures where you multiply the price by the quantity (this ones must be exception aggregation to the Plant/Material).

hope it helps;


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Thanks for the reply,

I don't need it to be time dependent as they want everything based on today's moving average price. If I understand you correctly, you are saying that I need to add the key figure into the cube, just not populate it. From there you are suggesting the use of a customer exit to read in the value by material from the material master record. I have used master data and cube data together within an infoset but this cube will not allow you to do that.

I will definitely give your suggestion a try and let you know if it works.

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In fact I propose to use a key figure from a new master data (to avoid dependencies with 0MAT_PLANT).

However, if your requirement is to use the current price and if you have the 0MAT_PLANT in your cube then you just need to guarantee that you have your price in the 0MAT_PLANT (else create a datasource from MBEW).

In BEx, use the replacement path to get the price from 0MAT_PLANT into a formula variable, and after into a calculated key figure.

Every time you apply this calculated key figure (to multiply by the stock value) use exception aggregation with 0MAT_PLANT.

Hope it helps