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Spool not generating for BDC call tansaction

Hi Experts ,

I want to execute BDC call transaction in background , and look into my generated messages(BDCMSGCOLL) .

But if I execute in background it is not generating spool .

I tried Using GET PARAMETERS FM , but it is generating spool in SP01 with my bdc messages , but when I execute the same program in background , it is not attaching the spool to my JOB in SM37 (But creating Spool in SP01 with my username) .

Please can you suggest me how do I make this spool attach in SM37 when I run the program in background mode .

Thanks ,


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2 Answers

  • Apr 16, 2017 at 08:47 AM

    It's "normal", I mean this is the way it should work according to SAP note 3079 - List processing within a job. The BDC is not considered to belong to the job (there's no notion of parent-child relationship between jobs (except in "job interception" but that's another story)). The only solution would be to wait for the end of the BDC, find out which spool has been generated (by combining different criteria like the date, time, spool name, etc.), read the spool and create a new one from the jobs's main program (the one which starts the BDC) - or to reassign the spool number to your job (by direct database update, that's "evil" according to the SAP "change of the standard" concept). You might also simply let it as it is, and use SP01 to display the spool.

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    • I have to admire Sandra's patience in explaining this concept. :)

      But I'm starting to feel there are some holes in this story... We have an ABAP report that runs in a background job and uses BDC to call a transaction to make some changes. Naturally, the output generated by the called transaction does not link to the job in SM37. But we have no problem with generating both job log and spool with the error messages from the ABAP report itself.

      Are you sure you're using WRITE command and not MESSAGE in your ABAP report? Because MESSAGE goes into the job log and WRITE goes into the spool.

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    Former Member
    Apr 15, 2017 at 05:24 AM

    Hi priya

    Could you display content of spool in SP01 in case the job missing spool ( SM37 ) ?.

    Check whether any ROLLBACK WORK in you program.

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