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Nov 24, 2006 at 02:35 AM

SAP shuts down when loggin on with many add-ons if logged on by main screen


We have 3 custom designed add-ons at the site, where 2 of them are set to start automatically and 1 mandatory.

It was all ok with 2 add-ons , however with the 3rd the issues started to happen. Listed below is the issue and the way to replicate.

1. When logging in through the main screen the add-ons throws errors ( apparently due to not staring up properly such as runtime references lost etc ). The errors are different each time. Ultimately SAP shuts down without letting us do any further action.

2. However, if I login through the choose company screen ( click the choose company button on the main screen ) then I don’t have any issues, all add-ons start that are set to automatic and mandatory.

3. there are few exceptions :

a. When the manager password is “manager” and SAP lets you log on with the blank user id, the main screen log-on is successful with the add-ons starting without issues. ( however if I type user id manager and password manager then still the issue happens )

b. When the user is NOT a super user, and when logging in through the main screen NO issues happen.

4. Of course I don’t have any problems with add-ons set to manual, and when started manually, but some add-ons are necessary to be automatic and some need to be mandatory.

I have tried to delay the add-on connection to the UI with one add-on, however that has no effect.

my client is concerned with having to logon through the choose company screen.

any help, workarounds are appreciated.