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Former Member
Nov 23, 2006 at 12:22 PM

Maintaining Number ranges in OM


Dear All,

Pls refer to the Maintain number ranges node in spro under Basic settings , OM.

I have planned seperate number ranges for creation of org units , positions , jobs , tasks.

Accordingly I am trying to create a new number range for my active plan version 01 for org units , positions , jobs , tasks respectively as below.





However the system is throwing up error when i am typing the above values as the subtypes. The message is as below

Please specify a valid subgroup

Message no. 5A300


You have not specified an allowed subgroup.

System Response

The system cannot accept your entry.


Please specify an allowed subgroup. You can then create an internal and an external number range for each subgroup.

The first two characters of a subgroup must contain a valid plan version. The next two characters must contain a valid object type.

Instead of specifying a specific object type, you can specify '$$' (= 'all object types') to set up a subgroup for all object types within a plan version.

You can specify '$$$$' to set up a subgroup for all plan versions and object types.

You cannot specify '$$' for the plan version and then specify a particular object type. Consequently, it is not possible to create a subgroup for all plan versions BUT specific object types.

Pls help.