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Importing Transaction Data into New BPC environment

Apr 14, 2017 at 05:54 AM


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Hi Experts,

I have created new environment in BPC 10.0. And Exported particular year's transaction data into flat file from productive environment. Now i have imported the same transaction data into new environment and it got imported successfully too. But after importing i found some discrepancy of total record count..

Flat file having total 440164 records and when transformation file validated then also it shows same record count with successful validation. After import of data then also package status shown same count loaded. But when i check data at backend using RSA1 - display data then it show me count 414137. It means 27027 records are missing.

Hence my question is

1. If all status is showing successful then why records missed here?

2. Can i try and reload the same file again? But it should not add the entries as duplicate one which is already added.

3. Which options i need to select while re processing this file again so that it will update only missing records and not other one.

I am attaching Package Status and Transformation validation result.

package-status.png transformation-validation.jpg

Kindly advise.


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2 Answers

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Vadim Kalinin Apr 14, 2017 at 06:02 AM

Check file for records with zero amount - zero's not imported.

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Yes Vadim, I did check and same difference count is for ZERO amount only. So I got the answer here.

But if in case i have uploaded data and after that user done some changes in productive environment and again ask to reflect that changes into new environment then is it possible to update the data only with missing values? If yes then what should be the option?



No! Only full load!


Thanks Vadim , got it.

One more thing. When we export transaction data via "Export Transaction data to flat file" DM package and export transaction data directly from infor cube via display data and download. I have seen difference in count.

Data exported via DM package is lesser than data downloaded from BW side. Whereas input criteria for both is same. Is there any specific reason?



Depends on MEASURES selection used etc... Also yellow requests handling.

If you perform Lite Optimize with zero elimination on source model just before export - all records will collapsed, all requests will be green and number of records will be the same.

In general - use Export Transaction data to flat file


Thanks. But in our case we do have daily job schedule for Lite Optimisation. Its early morning job. But if we run export data manager package daily then also data count is less than what is there in system. And if it is recommended to export immediately after Lite Optimise then i have to run Lite Optimization data manager package now. But not sure if it is recommended to run or not since currently users is accessing system.


You don't required to run Lite Optimize immediately before export.

If you export SIGNEDDATA then without Lite optimize you will get multiple records for the same intersection for the changed data since last Lite optimize.

On import multiple records will aggregate. Nothing to compare...

And in general it's a strange idea to export data when the users are changing values! What is the result of this export????

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Vadim Kalinin Apr 14, 2017 at 09:36 AM

"But in my case currently data is freeze for particular year. And daily it is showing same Total when i display data from cube. But after exporting same data from DM package total is not the same. Here no addition or deletion happened but still exporting data via DM is seems to have issue."

Sorry, but looks like your are not accurate with comparison. In order to track user changes - enable data audit. May be some DM launched by user is changing data etc...

In general - no magic, if the data is not changed you will always get the same results!

Also - don't use RSA1, use BPC report to compare results!

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