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Apr 13, 2017 at 09:28 PM

Hana Cloud integration - Split file by no of rows



we have an integration requirement to push data from System A(XML) to System B (pipe de-limited file), we planned to use HCI to transform System A content as required by system B. few requirement from System B as below,

  • 1.system B can accept the file with only 1000 rows, System A pushes huge data but needs to be split in to 1000 rows per file (pipe de-limited file).
  • 2.For example, if System A send 10 orders. While splitting order data in to pipe de-limited file with constrain of 1000 rows, then file writing process should check whether the 1000 th row is reached if so then it should check also if records for a particular order are only partially processed if so then skip the file and move on to next file and write the complete order data.

Can we use reiterate splitter and ftp adapter to complete this logic or need any hand coding using groovy or java script?