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Apr 13, 2017 at 07:07 PM

Reporting on visits using a account party role


In retail execution visit reports are usually related to either employee responsible for visit or employee responsible for account. Is there a way to report the visits based on one of the party roles of the account other than the employee responsible for the account. For example I added a custom party role named Customer Sales Executive (CSE) on Account team and have added several employees as CSEs to multiple accounts. These CSEs are not account owners nor are they visit owners. They account for sales and are involved in creating tasks and surveys for visits. However they need to report on visits based on their relationship with accounts. Ideally I need a field that displays all CSEs related to an account that can be pulled into a visit data source. Then I can use a fixed value selection on this field during report design and pick relative selection - My Employee User Name. This will then display the visits related to the accounts where this CSE is added.