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Nov 22, 2006 at 08:58 PM

Tools for customizing KM content


Hi -

I want to know what tools can be used to customize the display of KM content ?

The following scenario is driving the requirement for a customized display of KM content:

To the best of my knowledge, KM does not support versioning of documents which have been broadcasted via BW. However, my client has a requirement to store the history of broadcasted documents. By default, a broadcasted document will overwrite itself each time it is broadcasted to a KM folder. You can change this behavior by appending a timestamp to the broadcasted filename. However, the KM folder quickly becomes cluttered in a scenario where the KM folder contains many broadcasted reports, each with many different versions ( based on the timestamp ).

My goal is to show the latest "version" of each document and give the user an option to view previous versions...but I'm not sure what the appropriate tool would be for iterating the contents of the folder and adding my own HTML.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated !