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SYbase ASE error : The dump header cont..unknown token 10 within the DBDEVINFO field.

Hi All

I am refreshing a standby db( ws replication ) with a primary/active db , when to run load database seeing the following:

The dump header contains unknown token 10 within the DBDEVINFO field. The LOAD command will ignore the token and proceed.

the db size are the same , this is the first time I see this error , the load database fails would not start uploading.

Here is my ASE active/primary version:

Adaptive Server Enterprise/15.7/EBF 23724 SMP SP131

and my standby ASE version:

Adaptive Server Enterprise/15.7.0/EBF 20809 SMP ESD#04 /P/x86_64/Enterprise Linux/ase157x/3245/64-bit/FBO/

Any comments, suggestions?


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1 Answer

  • Apr 13, 2017 at 05:49 PM

    What is the full @@version string from your primary dataserver?


    Your replicate dataserver is running a fairly old version of ASE 15.7.

    Your primary dataserver is running a newer version of ASE 15.7, which includes some new fields in the dump file header (generated by the dump database command).

    Your dump database command (executed from the primary dataserver running a newer version of ASE) is generating some 'extra' fields in the dump file header ... 'extra' fields the replicate dataserver (running an older version of ASE) does not know how to handle.

    The error message would seem to indicate that the older version ASE software found an unknown field in the dump file header and is going to ignore said field and attempt to load the dump file.


    As to why your load fails ... *shrug* ... not enough information at this point. It could be something as simple as the use of a (relatively) new feature in your primary database (running newer ASE software) that can't be loaded-into/supported-by the replicate database (running older ASE software).

    Have you been able to successfully dump and load between these 2 versions of ASE (ie, dump from newer ASE, load into older ASE) in the past? If so, have you made any recent changes to the primary database, eg, implementing any new features - could be addition of compression, use of a new datatype, etc?

    While it may be technically possible to dump from a newer ASE version and load into an older ASE version, it's generally recommended that the dataserver into which a dump file is being loaded is running a version of ASE that is equal to or greater than the ASE version that created the dump file.


    I'd recommend you upgrade the replicate dataserver to a newer version of ASE (at a minimum the same ASE version as used by the primary dataserver, ie, 15.7 SP131).

    Once the replicate dataserver is running the same (or newer) ASE version as the primary dataserver, see if the load database command works properly.

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