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BPC 10.1 Office 2013 saved reports refresh when reopened in Office 2016 when logged out of BPC.

Apr 13, 2017 at 02:39 PM


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BPC 10.1 Office 2013 saved reports automatically refresh when reopened in Office 2016 when logged out of BPC.

What happens is that a user saved reports out in a folder after refreshing in Office 2013 and now when a user just opens up that report using Office 2016 without being logged in the report refreshes and the information is lost because they are not connected to BPC.

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Vadim Kalinin Apr 13, 2017 at 03:55 PM

First - incorrect tag!

Not SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation for Public Sector, option for SAP NetWeaver
Has to be: EPM Add-In for Excel
And secondary: SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation, version for SAP NetWeaver

Moderator alerted!

Second - if you create a new report in 2016 is it OK?

What EPM SP is used?

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I will work on fixing the tag. If the report is created in 2016 then there is no issue. The concern is about the reports that have been generated and saved out over the past few years.

EPM SP 23.2 and EPM SP25


"EPM SP 23.2 and EPM SP25" - both used for Office 2013 and for Office 2016?

You have the issue with both EPM versions?


Try to investigate the issue yourself - with simple report with the issue try to change some report properties save and test...

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We are now on Office 2016 and its happening with reports that were previously saved using Office 2013. Just trying to see if someone has encountered this without me spending too much time trying to investigate this issue.


Looks like you are the first one!

I had no issues with reports created with Office 2013 after upgrade to Office 2016.

You need to investigate the issue yourself including some test case:

Create test report in Office 2013 and then open it in Office 2016.

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Please explain to me why you flagged my question? Did it break any of these rules?? Instead of helping me you flag me?

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I have flagged your message because of absolutely incorrect primary tag! And I already explained it in my first answer. Using incorrect tag is the most common moderator alert reason:

Hope it's clear!

Correct tagging is a critical thing for our Community!

P.S. Your old question

is also flagged by me due to incorrect tag!

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So maybe allowing someone time to fix the tag and not just alert the moderator would be the more helpful thing to do instead of the action you took. Please feel free to forgo my questions in the future and allow others to answer if you are just going to take this approach and not help out. THanks


Most of the users will never correct tags (may be not your particular case). And it's the correct practice for all users in the Community to alert moderator about incorrect tag! The moderator will change the tag based on alert message. It's a routine job for moderators. It was the same for old SCN when somebody post to the space not related to the question asked.

In your case posting to "SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation for Public Sector, option for SAP NetWeaver" resulted in:

Your question is shown in a very specific tag with practically no followers - no answers will be provided.

Correcting of the tag increase visibility of your question.

Looks like you do not understand how this Community is working...