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How to properly dispose reports and viewers in managed C++?

Apr 13, 2017 at 02:18 PM


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Problem is that CR leaks memory, especially when using the viewer. I found this posting which describes the proper way to dispose of that memory:

In my code I am using the method described here:

Problem is that in C++, I cannot call ->Dispose(). It tells med to call the destructor ~ReportViewer instead.

Can someone provide an example how to properly end a report on screen so that all memory is released? This is what I have now and it has improved the leaks that used to be 13Mb so that it is now under 1Mb:

void CFloaterDlg::OnClose()
	CrystalDecisions::CrystalReports::Engine::ReportDocument ^Report;
	Report = (CrystalDecisions::CrystalReports::Engine::ReportDocument ^)m_Viewer->ReportSource;
	m_Viewer->ReportSource = nullptr;
	//delete m_Viewer;

Question is how and when to destroy the underlying ReportDocument. Does the viewer hold a copy of the data? Ie can the ReportDocument be destroyed before the viewer is?
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1 Answer

Anders Gustafsson Apr 18, 2017 at 07:47 AM

Still confused. When I see this in the crystal log file, I would assume that there is no resources in use anymore and that garbage collect would free memory??

Also. I am sort of wondering about the relationship between the ReportDocument and the Viewer as indicated in my original question.

.\..\src\crpe\crpe.cpp:826,Closing engine,After close engine use count,"0"
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