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Upgrade Window Server 2012 SAP CCtr

Apr 13, 2017 at 02:10 PM


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Hello Guys,

Is there some recomendation or documents to upgrade the version of SO Windows Server 2008 to Windows 2012?

My client has already the SAP Contact Center SP9 working on Win2008 and now he wants to upgrade the system operating.

Best regards

Rodrigo Lucas

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Jukka Suhonen
Apr 20, 2017 at 12:37 PM

Hi Rodrigo,

One tip I could give: if you have two application servers you could upgrade another one 1st and see if the services are working fine. Or if you wish to replace old machines then add 3rd application server, ensure that everything works fine on that server and then you are ready to remove old server from the model.

In general this is not a big change from CCtr perspective but you should always prepare for surprises. The prerequisites are the same and if you do pure upgrade I'm not seeing potential issues. New installation would cause more issues as there is no prerequisites installed.


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Former Member May 03, 2017 at 06:16 PM

Hi Jukka,

Sorry for delay to get back.

Great Jukka always with the best Ideas :)

OK, I can add 3rd app servers, but I still have a doubt about the database. I need to make the backup of the databases and how is the best practices to move the database to a new server?

Can I make the backup and then restore to a new database server, then I tell to the IA the new instance of the database server?

If you can help me :)

Best regards


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Hi Rodrigo,

Good question. The procedure is like you said. My recommendation would be:
1. turn inactive CCtr services in IA to avoid database modifications during the operation
2. take backup of your databases
3. restore databases to new destination
4. and now you need to change database destionations in IA. If you have done the setup like in example installation you could change paths in database VU only. I would still recommend to check from HAC level that every database entry is pointing to new destination. Scroll through all VUs and check database fields.
5. once database destination changes at VU level are done do syncronize changes command, this should hit all VUs
6. and because this is hitting database "apply changes to *" is not enough. You need to select "upgrade all software" command for all VUs to force database update scripts to be run. This will update all necessary and create SQL jobs.
7. after "upgrade all software" command run changes 1st to database and once that is succeeded go to other VUs.
8. save model amd turn on the services and run testing pattern that contains key features customer is using.

TIP1 - if you use SQL authentication then you need to transfer also those, see Microsoft recommendation about this. Windows authentication should not need any action.
TIP2 - always practice the operation in dev or qa enviroment
TIP3 - after step 8 you could use model.wim to check that there is no links to old SQL. Open the file in notepad++ for example and search for old SQL instance.
TIP4 - replications if any are installed should be stopped before the action
TIP5 - once you have backuped the databases you could turn off old SQL instance (services.msc -> SQL).This way you see immidiatly after startup from logs if a component tries to make connection to old SQL instance.
TIP6 - also a best practice is to check logs after the operation for errors and warnings.


Former Member

Thanks a lot Jukka.

All the best for you