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Nov 22, 2006 at 12:30 PM

Detecting tables displayed in searches


For some fields, you can have a small icon next to them that allows you to do a search on available values. After going through some search criteria dialogue, you are presented with a table of values. I note that a new window appears in the taskbar for this table.

My question is that when I try to do a findByLocation on this table, I get no result back. Does anyone know how to detect information in these types of table?

Ive also tried getting the activeWindow for the session and finding the guiFocus property. This, however, just returns the GuiMainWindow object, which has no focus as Im focussed on the table.

Any ideas?

PS One idea to get more information about the table would be to use the SAP Sample Recorder I see mentioned in the documentation. I dont seem to have that program in my installation, so does anyone know what options in the install program you need to select for it to appear?