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is it possible to have a master contract which has multiple company codes and sales organisations

we want to have a master contract in a multinational organization which can be used by all the companies/sales organizations within the parent organization.

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  • And I want to have a million dollars, preferably in small bills. What is your question exactly? (There is no question mark anywhere.) And what purpose would such "mega-contract" serve in your SAP landscape? How would it be "used"?

  • Former Member Jelena Perfiljeva

    Hi Jelena,

    I am working for a multi national organization and we supply other multinational companies. We wish to set up master contracts which can be used by the individual sales organizations and individual company codes under this organization. Is it possible to do this?

    I have only ever set up contracts under a single sales organization, but have been asked the question, can we do it?

  • Csaba replied below that it's not technically feasible to enter a contract without Sales Area. But you still have not answered my questions - what purpose would this serve exactly and how exactly do you envision "using" it? Before answering "can we do this" one needs to understand why. E.g. how do you envision delivering goods and/or services under such contract, how would you bill the customer, what financial reporting is expected, etc.

    I guess the short generic answer here is "no" but it's really not possible to answer intelligently when so little information is provided.

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    Apr 18, 2017 at 09:10 AM

    It seems, it is not possible to create sales area independent master contract in the standard system (?).

    1. Error message V1644 is hard coded in include FV45KF0V_VBAK-AUART_PRUEFEN, which prevents the creation of a master contract w/o sales area.

    * Für Gruppenkontrakt muß der Vertriebsbereich auf dem Einstiegsbild
    * eingegeben werden
      IF ( vbak-vkorg IS INITIAL OR
           vbak-vtweg IS INITIAL OR
           vbak-spart IS INITIAL ) AND
         tvak-vbtyp CA vbtyp_gruko.
        MESSAGE e644.

    2. Additionally, according to OSS note 1601103, you can use a master contract only for the particularsales area under which it has been created.

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    Apr 18, 2017 at 03:17 PM

    Thanks for that, its what I expected as you can only link a sales Org to a single company code and a master contract has to be assigned to a sales org.

    I was just hoping someone had a "fix" which could get round this.

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