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Followed activites / Followed tags


I'm trying to figure out how the Followed Activities / Followed Tags are working.

Whenever I'm in a mood of answering questions, I'm going to Community -> Questions and Answers. But I can't apply the filtering on the Tags I'm following, which makes it difficult to operate (well, I can filter only one tag at the time). OK - I found the question. I'm posting a reply - and it looks I'm getting notification only when someone post a comment to my answer - which doesn't really happen often, because most of people are using the Answers to communicate.

I thought Activity Stream is the solution. But I can find there all the comments / answers to each question posted in my Followed Tags. So again, finding something there is super tricky.

Currently, every day I'm checking the questions I posted answer to, but it's not a solution either. And I need to read all SD / MM / FI questions even I'm not really interested.

Did you find a way to make SCN your friend? Or are you using workarounds to survive? I believe adding few more filtering options to Q&A and Activites would make my life so much easier... and I don't think it's difficult or time consuming.

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  • This discussions and the comments (sorry...answers) here cross a few topic areas -- specifically notifications/activities and Q&A. I'd like to loop in the appropriate team members to respond, but many are out for the holidays, so I'll need to get them up to speed next week. For now, I didn't want anyone to feel as though this was being ignored.

    Perhaps a couple quick points:

    • We've admitted that the email notifications don't deliver all of the features requested at In fact, Sajid explained there and in his blog post The first step was tying the email notifications to available notification types. Adding other notification types (such as those mentioned here and in the Idea Place submission) is definitely something that is required and being worked on.
    • The issue brought up here goes beyond notification types -- because it's also part of the answers/comments options in Q&A. People still don't always know when to comment, when to answer, when get the idea. I realize I'm just opening myself up to the whole "then why not just replace the two answer/comment choices with a single reply option?", but then we're getting into UI for Q&A, and I don't want to venture too deep into that without bringing in the experts.

    So I guess I just said a whole lot of nothing with a whole lot of words. My intent was to assure everyone that we're reading and responding. I hope that's coming through.

    Best regards,


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2 Answers

  • Apr 13, 2017 at 07:26 PM

    Eagerly waiting to get this accepted idea implemented:

    From all what you mentioned I can just conclude that you tried all options we currently have, there is not much more to add except to use the filter for questions in the activities. This way you will still see the comments and answers made in a in a question of a tag you follow.

    However you won't see the answers and comments for questions where you participated outside your followed tags. This is currently one of the most annoying things as about 20 % of my answers and even more comments are made to questions under tags that I do not follow. I still do not follow SD and ABAP which I did in SCN, since this would make my activities unmanageable.

    You would need to follow the question to get any update into the activities. I don't do this as I still hope that we can manage our followed content some day in future, like bookmarks in the past, and then I would need to cleanup probably thousands of followed questions.

    Just take care not to follow me or Vadim as this saves you a lot entries in your activities. :-))

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    • In Jive we could follow people and spaces, all content from them and there came into the activities, like it is today too.

      But in Jive you had an option to "hide" content with a personalized setting. This way you could for example follow me and hide all content from the MM space. Result: you only saw my activities outside the MM space, e.g. in the coffee corner.

      could be a more relaxing situation for many people who follow me for other reasons than my MM activities :)

  • Apr 13, 2017 at 04:51 PM

    "I'm getting notification only when someone post a comment to my answer - which doesn't really happen often, because most of people are using the Answers to communicate." - looks like the community developers internally decided not to solve the issue with notifications. I have spend a lot of time trying to push this question, but no luck :(

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