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Apr 13, 2017 at 10:58 AM

demand popin always shows a colon

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let's assume you are going to develop a responsive table with the Element "Table" and "ColumnListItem". Something like that:

<Table id="myTable" items="{myModel>/}">
         <Text text="Headline 1"/>                     
      <Column demandPopin="true" minScreenWidth="XLarge" popinDisplay="Inline">                          
         <Text visible="{= condition ? true : false}" text="Headline 2"/>
   <items><br>      <ColumnListItem>
            <Text text="{myModel>Text}"/>
            <Text visible="{= condition ? true : false}" text="{myModel>anotherText}"/>

Now, the popped in column always shows ':' . Is there a better way to show a column by condition? (Some of these columns are shown and some are not.).

Doubtfully, I cant set the Column visible="false", because sapui5 won't show any columns at all, even if some of them are visible="true". That's why I tried it like the solution above.