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Nov 22, 2006 at 05:12 AM

POST Installation steps for SAP XI 7.0 SP06


Hi Experts ,

We are trying to install XI 7.0 SP06.We are suppose to carry out post installation

steps but we are not able to locate a proper post installation guide for the same.

We have succesfully installed XI 3.0 earlier .However XI 7.0 post installation steps in the guide that we have "SAP NetWeaver 2004s SR1 ABAP+Java on Windows: Oracle" , are relatively less...

Nevertheless, we have carried out the following steps

5.21.1 Performing PI-Specific Steps for SLD Configuration
Local and Central System Landscape Directory (SLD)
Mapping Security Role to User
1. Log on to the Visual Administrator of the J2EE engine of the SLD host.
2. Choose Cluster® Server® Services® Security Provider.
3. In the Runtime tab, choose Policy Configurations and then the column Components, and select the component*sld.
4. Switch to the Security Roles tab to display the assigned roles.
5. Select role LcrInstanceWriterLD.
The user SLDAPIUSER already exists with its security role LcrInstanceWriterLD.
6. Switch to edit mode and add user PIAPPLUSER with the same role LcrInstanceWriterLD.
For a central SLD, the user PIAPPLUSER must be created in the central SLD ABAP system first and be
assigned to ABAP role SAP_XI_APPL_SERV_USER. The password must be same as in the XI Exchange
Profile on the XI Integration Server.
For information on the UME actions, see the Post-Installation Guide - SLD of SAP NetWeaver 2004s, section
Configuring SLD Security, at® Media Library.
Maintaining SLD Connection Parameters (ABAP API)
1. Log on to the SAP XI Integration Server System as user DDIC and call transaction SLDAPICUST. The screen
Maintain SLD Access Data is displayed.
2. Choose Display <-> Change and proceed as follows:
a) Replace the existing SLDAPIUSER with PIAPPLUSER user.
For a central SLD, make sure you use the user with security role LcrInstanceWriterLD.
b) Make sure your entry is marked as Primary.
Only the entry marked as Primary is active.
c) Save your settings.
April 10, 2006 PUBLIC 97

Now we don't know wether the sld configuration is over or not ...or for that matter in RWB we see only J2se based adapter engine and not J2ee based adapter engine...

Kindly help