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Nov 21, 2006 at 05:52 PM

WIP on Repetitive Manufacturing



I’ like to have your help for the following situation:

I have the material VIDRO001 on plant IC created to be used in Repetitive Manufacturing. It has assigned a REM profile and a production version.

For it, I created the material cost estimate. The cost was saved, marked and released. Now, the material has the planned and standard cost for the current period.

The material has a product cost collect (order type RM01) with:

. Costing variant for planned costs – PREM

. Costing variant for actual costs – PPP2

. Result analysis key – 000003

For the product cost collector it was created a material cost estimate with costing status KA (costed without errors).

The valuation variant assigned for WIP is defined with priority 1 on “Plan Costs/Preliminary Cost Estimate”.

For the product cost collector, I have done the following process:

. Goods issue – 15.45 Eur

. Production activities (operation 10) – 15.84 Eur

. Overheads (by overhead costs processing) – 1.27 Eur

So, in this scenario, I have as Work in Process 32.56 Eur.

However, when I execute the Work in Process Processing, the WIP value calculated is 0.

This processing is done with transaction KKAS with the following data:

. Material – VIDRO001

. Plant – IC

. WIP to Period – 11

. Fiscal Year – 2006

. RA Version – 0

. Test Run active

. Log Information Message – active

Thanks and best regards,

António Oliveira