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Nov 21, 2006 at 05:45 PM

Issue on portal page name


Hi All,

I'm working on MSS. I'm facing a typical issue, that follows. we are using MSS on portal version compatible with R/3 4.7.

1. I copied standard MSS roles and changed name of the pages.

2. Everything looked good when i transport the content to quality portal.

3. But, when i transport the same to production portal, the changed names are not displayed, instead the original names of those pages are displayed.

Also, when i sign into portal i'm able to see everything perfect. But, when others try from their machine the original page name is appearing and not the modified one. I tried loging in with other machines too and it worked fine for me.

It looked pretty strange and confused me a lot. I know its one typical but, expecting someone to through lights on this.

Appreciate your help.