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Apr 13, 2017 at 06:52 AM

How to create report without Measure? Display count of dimension in BOC(C4A)?

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  1. For Example, I have a sample data like as below format.

Q1. Need to display Circle wise Service_Type count?

Q2. Need to display Circle wise SR_Status count?

Q3. Month wise Customer(Customer_Name) Count?

Can anyone help with below example, please...

SR_Number Customer_Name Customer_Unique_ID Circle Region Service_Type SR_Date Reason_for_Outage SR_Status 50001 Customer1 1234 AP South QWE 13-Apr-17 ABC Open 50002 Customer2 2345 KOL East ASD 10-Apr-17 BCD Work in Progress 50003 Customer3 3456 ROM West ZXC 11-Apr-17 ABC Closed 50004 Customer1 4567 DL North ASD 7-Apr-17 CDE Open 50005 Customer4 5678 TN South ZXC 4-Apr-17 DEF Work in Progress 50006 Customer10 6789 AP South QWE 6-Mar-17 EFG Closed 50007 Customer7 1122 OR East ASD 7-Mar-17 FGH No Action 50008 Customer12 2233 MUM West ZXC 8-Mar-17 GHI Closed 50009 Customer1 3344 UP North ASD 9-Mar-17 HIJ Open 50010 Customer5 4455 KL South ZXC 10-Mar-17 CDE Work in Progress 50011 Customer6 5566 MP West QWE 11-Mar-17 DEF Closed 50012 Customer2 6677 KA South QWE 12-Mar-17 EFG No Action 50013 Customer7 7788 BH East ASD 13-Mar-17 FGH Closed 50014 Customer3 8899 GJ West ZXC 13-Apr-17 GHI Open 50015 Customer8 1010 PJ North QWE 7-Apr-17 HIJ Work in Progress 50016 Customer8 1020 KOL East QWE 8-Apr-17 CDE Closed 50017 Customer1 1030 ROM West ASD 13-Apr-17 DEF No Action 50018 Customer9 1040 DL North QWE 10-Apr-17 EFG Open 50019 Customer10 1050 AP South ASD 11-Apr-17 FGH Work in Progress 50020 Customer3 1060 OR East QWE 12-Apr-17 GHI Closed 50021 Customer11 1070 MUM West ASD 13-Apr-17 HIJ No Action 50022 Customer2 1080 UP North ZXC 13-Mar-17 CDE Work in Progress 50023 Customer1 1090 KOL East ASD 14-Mar-17 DEF Closed 50024 Customer11 2020 ROM West ZXC 15-Mar-17 EFG No Action 50025 Customer10 3030 PJ North QWE 13-Apr-17 FGH Closed


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