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SD Deleted SO

Apr 13, 2017 at 06:28 AM


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Hello Gurus,

I want to know what's the best approach to build a report to list Deleted SO for a specific month.

Normally we can check table CDHDR, unfortunately this table has the deletion date but the orders creation date and other related details of the order are not. (plus its completely deleted from VBAK).

Required is to get Available SOs form VBAK then compare results to CDHDR to find the missing/deleted ones for a month (passed to VBAK-ERDAT). Initial report is a disastrous heavy report :S

Are there other tables that i can check for these deleted SOs?

How can we get the desired results?


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Sales orders are not supposed to be deleted by business users in a production environment.

In the case of duplicated orders or similar reasons, the orders should be rejected and archived at a later point in time.

Instead of working on a report to support a wrong process, it is probably better to discuss with the business owners to start using rejection reasons.


Thank you Veselina for your advise I will surely bring this to their attention.

Can you please provide a link or an article where I can expedet to my people regarding the deletion of SO process and what is the best practice.



You can find many SCN posts about rejection reason using Google. Also you'd be surprised that people usually just believe when you tell them something is "SAP best practice" as long as you do it confidently. Just try it. :)

Same question has already been asked on SCN before, btw.

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1 Answer

Siva Prasad Vasireddy Apr 14, 2017 at 10:25 AM


you need to join the tables CDHDR and CDPOS in SQVI where you will get creation date,time,sales order number and only deleted orders.

use change object as VERKBELEG and change Id-D

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Hi Shiva,

Thank you for replying, While trying to use CDPOS in SQVI its not allowing me (is it because its a table cluster)? how can I bypass this? also the results of this how can I use it in my report?



OP already stated there is simply not enough data captured in the change documents. So how would this help? Kindly check the facts before posting, going forward.