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Change in parent role and impact on child roles

Dear All,


We have implemented a few hundred roles under a parent role. Initially we setup the child role by properly adjusting the parent i.e. we added t-codes in parent, adjusted the common organizations units, and common authorization objects. Now for each child role we adjusted the organizational values and authorization objects where needed.

Till here we are fine.


Now a change was requested to add a t-code. This t-code has been updated in parent role. Now because the parent role was having one field as un-maintained (yellow) -reason being we are maintaining the same @ each child role. We thus performed the generation of parent role and also did the generation of derived/child roles.

Now as we went to verify the derived role, we saw that all the authorization values set (not organizational values) were lost in the derived role and now became yellow.


1. We want to know how to ensure that parent role adjustments don't impact the child role authorization values (We know organizational values are not affected for child roles).

2. Is there a way to revert changes back to previous version?


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1 Answer

  • Apr 18, 2017 at 10:36 AM

    Hi J

    The key difference with your imparting and derived is the tables AGR_1251 and AGR_1252. AGR_1251 will have the same values in the parent and derived whilst AGR_1252 won't. When it's a org value the value in AGR_1252 is $orgfield as they way to keep them the same

    When you make changes to a parent role (e.g. add transaction to menu) you need to maintain all the authorisations (the yellow) and then generate. Afterwards you press the button to distribute/propagate the change to the child roles. This synchronises the AGR_1251 table

    However, if you have been going into the child roles and directly maintaining the the AGR_1251 (i.e. anything that is not in the organisational fields are) then the propagation step from the parent or the copy from parent button within the derived will cause these values to be wiped. I suspect this is what your problem is

    In future, always maintain the parent and the distribute. In the child, never maintain anything outside of the org values to avoid this being wiped. If you find that you have a field in the parent that needs to have different values in the child then you have to promote the field to become an org field (google for this). Be careful what fields you do promote in this situation as not all fields should be made org fields

    Reverting changes back - if you have proper landscape management in place you might be able to download the role from production and upload back to development systems. Again, if you have been updating derived roles directly then you need to fix this up or you will face this issue again. If you already transported the change or you cannot download from another system then you need to refer to change documents to find what was changed and go through and fix it manually (or attempt to fix the root cause to realign imparting derived concepts)



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