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Inter-company STO Outbound Delivery Status

Hi Friends,

I need a clarifications on my understanding of the Inter-Company STO process.

The outbound deliveries (STO related) in our system are still in "Being Processed" status even after Invoice creation (passed to accounting successfully).

When does the status change to "Completed" for the outbound deliveries? Ideally as per my understanding it should change to "Completed" once the PGI and Invoice are done or is there a different process for STO deliveries?

Kindly help.



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3 Answers

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    Apr 18, 2017 at 02:31 PM

    Thanks Veselina for the detailed comment.

    The configurations that were suggested in the note above were already maintained in the system.

    I finally got a chance to test the whole scenario by making some configuration changes.

    As suspected, I mentioned in my previous comment that the SD Document category "M" (Invoice) could be the reason behind it. So I changed the SD Document category from "M" to "5" and tried to check if it resolves the issue. Guess what?

    It worked and now the status of the outbound delivery is "Completed". Thank a million for your valuable inputs. It helped me to finally figure out the possible reason behind the issue. :) :)



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  • Apr 13, 2017 at 06:30 AM

    Hello Himanshu,

    Such cases happend when delivery is not fully delivered. could you please check Delivered quantity and Picked quantity both are same ?? additionally please check the quantity in both Deliver qty and pick qty at Batch level if batch level as well.


    Prashant Sharma

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    • Hi Prashant,

      Thanks for finding time to answer my question.

      I have checked the delivery and it has only 1 line item with 1 quantity and it is delivered successfully. The delivered and picked quantity are same (i.e. 1).

      Batch Management is not active for the material.

      Do you think there is something else which is missing and is causing the status of the delivery to not change to "Completed".



  • Apr 13, 2017 at 06:45 AM

    What do you see in VBUK, VBUP, LIKP and LIPS? This would be the first thing I would check in such cases. Any inconsistencies, like missing items, or statuses as B or A?

    There are reports, which can be executed in simulation mode, such as rvdelsta and sdvbuk00. Did you run any of these as a part of your investigation?

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    • The only case, of which I can think of, to have billing type with M for stock transfers is for plants abroad, but it is different from what you mentioned as a business case. Could you confirm with the business process owner whether my understanding is correct - this is not supposed to be a plants abroad scenario (UB->NL->WIA)?

      My initial idea was to run the reports just for a single document in simulation mode to see whether the status gets changed. However, in your case the reason seems to be that the inter-company billing status is set in the delivery, but is not processed further by the custom billing type, which you use.

      This might be a customizing error - to me also setting the billing type as M does not make much sense in inter-company billing with purchase orders, but before making any corrections, it would be good if you can look into the project documentation to double-check whether you are following the correct process (is this the right billing type for inter-company stock transfers, are there additional steps to be performed). If, for example, the billing type and intercompany data in likp are determined via custom code, it could be a development gone wrong. It is also a good idea to check the customizing transports to find out why this billing type was configured for inter-company transfers or whether the settings were changed in relation of a specific ticket.

      I find it strange that fkstk is set to C. This does not look like the standard processing of cross-company stock transfers described in 308989 - Consulting note for cross-company transactions and 109254 - Customizing stock transport order Cross Company. It would be good if you can go through these two notes and compare your settings. If this is the process, which you are aiming to achieve, I suppose, that there is a lot more going on than just one wrong setting for the billing type. If the customizing settings are as in standard, but you still get incorrect statuses, as a part of the troubleshooting you could create a new set of documents and check LIKP/LIPS/VBUK/VBUP after each processing stage to find out when the statuses get redetermined wrongly.