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CVD1 Shipping orders status is not changed from Packaged status to Completed

Some of the Shipping orders are not going to completed status from Packaged status and some of them are changed. when i get into that particular shipping order i have found the following, all the batch jobs are running fine. Could you please help me to make those complete

DDOC log no. 00000000000003247519 created                            
Main function CVEB_RDOS_CHECK was called                            
No user exit exists for main function CVEB_RDOS_CHECK                            
Status switch from Released to In Work                            
The report shipping order was set to status IA (In Work)                            
Main function CVEB_RDOS_BUNDLE was called                            
Status switch from In Work to Bundled                            
The report shipping order was set to status BU (Bundled)                            
Main function CVEB_RDOS_GENERATE was called                            
Starting user exit CVEO_RDO_BUNDLE_GENERATE                            
Generation of shipping order was started                            
Generation of shipping order complete                            
Status switch from Bundled to Generated                            
The report shipping order was set to status GE (Generated)                            
SBE WWI-00000000000000936590                            
02/22/17 16:43:26 Start Function 'WWI_GENERATE_AND_IMPORT2'                            
  Initializing parameters                            
  Initializing Tables                            
  Receiving data from client                            
   calling RfcGetData returned 0                            
    receiving data lasted: 0.0 sec.                            
    Creating binary file R:\EHS\WWI\TEMP\EHS_WWI_SV001\3262132\l3262132.doc                            
    Writing data to binary file 642154 bytes                            
    Creating text file R:\EHS\WWI\TEMP\EHS_WWI_SV001\3262132\r3262132.val                            
    Writing data to text file 11 lines, 257 characters                            
  starting resolve for mode G                            
      Resolve-DLL    : 3.2 / 2.7B SP40; 2005,110,163,409; R:\EHS\WWI\WwiRes64.dll; 06.11.2015 04:40                            
      Configuration  : R:\EHS\WWI\WWI.INI                            
      GLM Labeling   : 3.2 / 2.7B SP40; 1,0,73,19; R:\EHS\WWI\WwiLabel.dll; 06.11.2015 04:40                            
      WWI Dyntext Lib: 3.2 / 2.7B SP40; 1,0,29,29; R:\EHS\WWI\wwiDyntext64.dll; 06.11.2015 04:39                            
      WWI Barcode Lib: 3.2 / 2.7B SP40; 1,0,6,6; R:\EHS\WWI\WwiBc64.dll; 06.11.2015 04:40                            
      WWI Barcode Lib: 3.2 / 2.7B SP31; 1,2,12,7;R:\EHS\WWI\WwiBarcode.dll; 14.08.2013 08:57                            
    Resolve lasted: 0.1 sec.                            
  Initializing Word connection at 02/22/17 16:43:26                            
  wait for semaphore                            
    waited for semaphore: 0.0 sec                            
  semaphore allocated                            
   Initializing winword.exe process list                            
    Found no winword.exe process                            
   Updating winword.exe process list                            
    Found winword.exe with PID 4456                            
   Identified process winword.exe with PID 4456                            
    using Word Version: 14.0 64 bit                            
  release semaphore                            
    Word init time : 0.3 sec.                            
   open file: R:\EHS\WWI\TEMP\EHS_WWI_SV001\3262132\r3262132.rtf                            
   attaching template: R:\EHS\WWI\WWI.DOT                            
   current default printer is 'EPSON GP-C831(medium)'                            
   target-application 1: PDF                            
   target-application 2:                            
   running macro wwiEOleGenerate                            
    running macro lasted: 1.2 sec.                            
  Closing Word connection at 02/22/17 16:43:28                            
    Quit Word                            
    Wait for process 4456 to terminate. ExitCode is 103                            
  process exit code: 0                            
    Free Word COM resources                            
    Word exit time : 0.2 sec.                            
  Checking results returned from WWI in the Result-File                            
  Checking existence of the generated files                            
   check file: R:\EHS\WWI\TEMP\EHS_WWI_SV001\3262132\r3262132.PDF                            
    final size: 273696                            
Document WWI-00000000000000936590 generated successfully                            
Main function CVEB_RDOS_PACKAGE was called                            
No user exit exists for main function CVEB_RDOS_PACKAGE                            
Status switch from Generated to Packaged                            
The report shipping order was set to status PA (Packaged)                            

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7 Answers

  • Best Answer
    Apr 13, 2017 at 05:18 AM


    I do not see issue with Report generation, When Orders are moved from Released to Packaged, that means system is awaiting for sending the emails, Please check the Email sending function module. You may try executing RCVDEVEN again and check.

    Thanks and Regards


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    Former Member
    Apr 13, 2017 at 09:16 AM

    Hi Jayakumar,

    Thank you for the answer. Those shipping orders are not processed in February. We have found this issue for only 2days orders. Can we run that batch job again only for those 2 days now. Can we run like that. Sorry for asking these type of questions as i'm very new to this Module & Technology.

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  • Apr 13, 2017 at 09:31 AM

    Hello Vasavi,

    Your talking about Feb report was not processed and now the functionality is working fine right.

    Is that log you mentioned is for previous reports ?

    Please check following links which will be helpful to understand the process.



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    Former Member
    Apr 19, 2017 at 12:40 PM

    HI Satya,

    yes the log i have mentioned is previous one only. And for some of the shipping orders , i have found those are in completed status in flow trace but status mark is packaged.

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  • Apr 13, 2017 at 06:08 PM


    Report shipment is quite complex. The "reasons" why something goes wrong are "endless". The list of issues i could list here are clearly longer than for the "normal" WWI process (and this is a well a quite long list)

    1.) You must understand the "reports" which need to run and the process (why must the rport up and running; at whcih "time" must the report be up an running etc.)

    2.) SAP has desigend the process in such a way that you can do a "restart" for selected shipments (if something was wrogn as in your case). There is normally no need to start any "special" process as the overall process should handled the "restart process" in "background"

    3.) but the "issues" is; all (1.) and 2.) depends on how you have set up the reports (as jobs) in which frequence etc.

    The hints of Satya are here (same as from Jayakumar) are clealry helpful

    Even if you would check this blog (which i have created sometime ago):

    you will not find an answer to your issue. I can not remember any similar thread from past (but you can read any blog / thread as well referenced in this blog as well:

    Luckily: The report shipment part is discussed often and documented quite well by SAP

    So I am sorry. Even if you have done your very best in setting up the system (and it is running fine etc.) the real life shows that "some crash" might happen once a week. Therefore it is quite important to check the "job" (are they running fine) and generally have a good "monitoring" established for report shipment (as with WWI server farm as well).

    But sorry: based on your information :I can not judge: what is the problem? How to avoid it? how to solve it?


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  • Apr 14, 2017 at 07:36 PM

    Hello Vasavi

    As christoph said report shipping process is quite complex and difficult to suggest exact root cause without seeing few key inputs like flow trace of RSOs probably will get this from CVD1 .

    if this issue occured only for 2 days then technically we can restart those erroneous RSOs again (restart option can be found from CVD1), so automatically status will be reset to in work and shipping process will be re-intiate by job.

    Even after restarting, still RSOs stucked in Packaging status then please check below

    1) whether function module of report send was triggering or not (you can check this in flow trace)

    2) if point 1) is ok then what was the communication type defined for these erroneous RSOs. check the customer data in customer master (you can check these from XD03). incase if communication type is email(INT) check the email address of customers were defined properly or not?

    3) All erroneous report shipping orders belongs to same customer or different customers?

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    Former Member
    Apr 18, 2017 at 09:08 AM

    Hello All,

    Thank you so much for all of your help. The content you have provided is veryhelpful me to understand the process . I have restarted all the orders and it works fine now.

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