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Create Filter Links in SAP Lumira


I have created multi page stories in Lumira and each page is based on individual dataset. i tried to filter from one page (dataset) to another page (dataset) using CREATE FILTER LINKS option. But i was unable to create the link between two datasets. Is there any criteria to create a link to filter and it is also possible to create filter link between different pages?

Thanks in advance


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3 Answers

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    Apr 13, 2017 at 07:20 PM


    There is a specific SAP Note for the error Error: [RCI_CE_00009] - [Cannot execute the query], check 2392129 - RCI_CE_00009 error when adding filters on to story in Lumira Desktop It seems it's a known defect in Lumira 1.31.2 which version are you using? It says "The issue has been resolved in SAP Lumira Desktop 1.31.4." You can use latest version and you will be all right, otherwise alternative solution adding dataset links in Visualization room and it will work same way as you want.

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  • Apr 12, 2017 at 08:57 PM

    Hi Gowrishankar,

    I assume you created dataset linking in visualization room. Once you have multiple datasets you will need to create linking between datasets with the options left outer join, inner join, full left outer join, full inner join, of course the linking will have a linked key fields. Once you have you can use the linking in your charts, of course you can have charts by using only one dataset.

    Then in compose room with multiple pages or one page once you do filter:

    • If you use non-key (not-linked) field other datasets / charts will not be affected as you pointed out in your question.
    • If you use key (linked) field from any dataset, datasets / charts automatically will be refreshed based on this key field filter.

    In multiple pages you have an option to apply the filter to All Pages or Current Page, if you choose just current page the linking with key field will not affect other pages.

    Long story short you can able to use key (linked) fields as filter to able to see affect all datasets, but non-key fields cannot affect other datasets.

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  • Apr 13, 2017 at 11:06 AM

    Hi Tuncay,

    I was creating filter using CREATE FILTER LINKS option from one page to another page in Compose room. Both pages are created on different datasets.

    I have created filter links by selecting the dimension from both dataset on which it has to be filtered, but when i select to filter on dimension i'm getting error

    Error: [RCI_CE_00009] - [Cannot execute the query]


    Page-1 is created on dataset 1

    Page-2 is created on dataset 2

    I created filter link by selecting Company id from both datasets and expecting to filter on the company id in Page-1 which i selected in Page-2.



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    • Gowrishankar,

      I found Create Filter Links option on Page Settings in Compose room. I have tried with 2 datasets and 2 pages, it worked for me. I think I found the issue, please check my answer below.