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integrated planning analysis for office

Apr 12, 2017 at 10:50 AM


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Hi to all,
I'm trying to create an integrated planning in analysis for office.
My BW version is 7.5 BW 4 Hana.
My version of the client of Analysis for office is 2.3. Once I create the planning query, I nosave-planning-button.pngtice that the save button is disable, as you can see in the screenshot.

To compensate this situation my idea was to make a custom save button with the following code: Dim lResult As Long lResult = Application.Run("SAPExecuteCommand", PlanDataSave) but the result is that the data result unsaved
Anyone have an idea to fix it.
Kind regards
Rino Sica

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4 Answers

Tammy Powlas
Apr 12, 2017 at 11:12 AM

Hi - you need to add Planning to your ribbon

1. Go to File > Analysis

2. Select customize user interface button

3. Create a new profile

Click Planning checkboxes

4. Save as default

5. Restart Analysis/Excel

1plan.jpg (68.1 kB)
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Gennaro Sica Apr 12, 2017 at 05:33 PM

Hi Tammy,

I don't able to find this screen.

Could you explain me what version of client you have in add in ?

Kind regards

Rino Sica

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Hi - it is 2.4 SP1; I recommend updating to the latest version and SP for more functionality


Hi Tammy,
thanks for your reply.
I installed the version 2.4 SP1 as your suggestion and I created a new profile.
Unfortunatelly, the standard save button remains grey ( not editable) and also my custom button not work.
When I debug the VBA code about the custom botton I noticed that " lResult " return code is 1 but in the DSO there are not request or data.
Please if you have other suggestion let me know.
Kind regards
Rino Sica


Hi - that is strange; do you have admin rights on your desktop? What version of Excel are you using? It would be easier to get the planning button to work over the VB scripts



yes I'm Administrator of my desktop and I'm using the following excel version :

Microsof Excel 2010 (14.0.7180.5002).

I created a button in VB script using the following code:

Sub SAVE()
Dim lResult As Long
lResult = Application.Run("SAPExecuteCommand", PlanDataSave)
End Sub

But never changed, I 'm not able to save data in the ADSO.

Kind regards

Rino Sica

Otto Amon Apr 15, 2017 at 12:46 PM

Hi Gennaro,

basically, you can rely on the functionality of the standard SAP save-button in the Analysis ribbon of the planning section.

If it is not working (and recalculation button neither) there is at least one problem you should solve, before creating your own button.

I am not sure, if I am exhaustive right at the moment (and terminology might slightly differ), but your button as well as SAP's will work, if

  1. the underlying InfoProvider (transactional cube or input-ready DSO) is set to planning mode,
  2. the query is set to input-ready in its general section as well as at least one key figure too (both conditions must apply),
  3. the Analysis workbook with that embedded planning query is in a drill-down-state, where at least one cell meets the condition, that for each characteristic in the underlying aggregation layer(!) there is exactly one specific value selected and the corresponding key figure is input ready too (as pt.2)
  4. or for a missing characteristic in pt. 3 disaggregation is active

A good way to ensure adequate query definition is to put all characteristics of the aggregation layer into the "free characteristics" box of the query designer, then eliminate them one by one as you use them in your rows and columns definitions. Remaining characteristics there won't harm as long as you are aware of them in the drill down...

So there are a lot of conditions before the save-button in the ribbon becomes - slightly - coloured and working!

And there is a lot of documentation on that issue (better than my answer... but longer too ;-)

I wish you good luck!

Kind regards,

Otto Amon

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Hi Otto,

as to summarize all your if´s - I think the save button will only be enabled as soon as there is any data to be saved.



Gennaro Sica Apr 26, 2017 at 10:15 AM

Thanks Tammy ,Otto and Cornelia,

for your care.

I solved it!

The problem was that the unit had a problem in the table T006;

because of this issue the cell related to the unit resulted not filled and for a consequence save button was disabled.

In poor words: to enable the save button, all the cells of integrated planning have to be correctly fed.

Kind regards

Rino Sica

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