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Former Member
Nov 17, 2006 at 04:16 PM

Update marketing attributes -- keep the values that don't need changed



I have a requirement to update the marketing attributes of a business partner. I am using CRM_IC_SCRIPTING_MKTBP_CHANGE, which assigns the entered values to the business partner in the marketing attribute set.

The problem is, any other values which existed under different attribute names are being deleted. For example, in an attribute set I have attribute1 with a value and attribute2 with a value. I want to change just attribute2, but keep attribute1, and right now the value of attribute1 is deleted when I execute the bapi. Is there a field I could set in this bapi to keep attribute values which don't have new values, or a different bapi to use? Right now, the only way I know to keep the old values is to first read them from the business partner and then add them to the table in this change bapi along with the new values I want to enter.

By the way, I need to use remote enabled function calls.

Thanks in advance!!