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Using calculated rates and filters in Design Studio

Hi everybody,

I’ve got some strange behavior using SAP Universe with SAP Design Studio. I’m using SAP Design Studio 1.6 SP3 and also SAP Business Objects Server 4.2 SP3.

In my Universe I want to calculate “success rates” and “failure rates” of payment transaction-files and want to filter this by different dimensions.

This is how it looks when specifiying the Query on the datasource:

The measures are defined in SAP Universe based on these formulas:

When adding a dimension, everything seems to be fine:

Now using these information in a crosstable I get these results:

If you sum 98,33 and 2,08 you’ll get more than 100. The correct values are 99,04 and 0,96 as mentioned at the beginning (see first screenshot).

When I remove the B_MDZKTO_BUKRS dimension from query specification agin, everything is fine again. But unfortunately I need this dimension, because I want to set a filter on it. I want to create something like this:

Rates aren’t correct! When I select all or none the same values are calculated.

It seems, that SAP Design Studio aggregates all single rate values and then build the average out of them. Choosing only one checkbox in the dimension the rates are correct:

And when choosing more than one, rates are getting wrong again:

How can I avoid this?

Does anybody of you know a tutorial which covers my requirements. When I search this forum I only get hints about do calculations in the "edit initial view dialog" in Design Studio. I tried this, but ended up in a "Unhandled event loop exception" and because I think that this will not solve my problem, I currently stopped working with it.

Thank you very much!

Best regards


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