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Involved party for report

Apr 12, 2017 at 06:24 AM


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Dear all,

I'd like to show sales order volume of each sales employees in report.

However, I cant add fields sales employee to characteristics in report "Sales Order Volume".


In addition, party roles I created in activity list:"Involved parties for sales orders" also cant be added for the report.


Thank you for your help.


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1 Answer

Arthur Hanauer
Mar 21 at 02:42 AM

Dear Hidenari,

I hope you are having a good day, my apologies for the late reply on your question. I've performed some research regarding these specific fields in our SAP Influence Portal and in our Characteristics Documentation for the Business by Design product, and I would like to share with you my findings.

Currently, I couldn't find a standard delivered field called 'Sales Employee' in this report or in any other Data Source which is maintained in the system. You may be referring to the field 'Employee Responsible', which is currently available in this standard report. In case this is an information which you are able to find in the system but not in the report, it may be a new request for this field to be available in this standard report, which I would recommend you to create an enhancement request in our SAP Influence Portal for the Business by Design product ( Here, you may post your requirement and other customers as well as partners and companies, which identify this as a possible improvement for their business, can vote on your requirement, providing it more visibility to our development team which review these in the portal.

Regarding the field 'Party Roles', when accessing the Data Source documentation I could notice that this field is delivered in standard in the below Standard Data Sources in ByD system:

ARP Balance Audit Trail [FINGLAU12]
ARP Ledger Account Balances [FINGLAU07]
ARP Ledger Account Line Items [FINGLAU08]
Account Contact Data [BPCSCONTB]
Account Responsibility Data [BPCSRSPB]
Accounting And Trade Receivables Payables Register [FINGLAU29]

G/L Account Items [FINGLAU02]
G/L Accounts Line Items - Japan [GLOGLAU04]
G/L Balance Audit Trail [FINGLAU11]
Journal Entries [FINGLAU03]
Journal Entries - Japan [GLOGLAU05]
Registered Product Involved Parties [REG_PROD_INVOLVED_PARTY]

You may create a consistent custom Join Data Source between one of these standard Data Source and the Sales Order Volume Data Source in order to get this field for reporting purposes. Still, you may also follow the approach I mentioned for the field 'Sales Employee' in case it is referring to a different field in the system.

Best regards,
Arthur Hanauer
Support Consultant, SAP Cloud Product Support
SAP Labs Latin America

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