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Nov 16, 2006 at 11:43 PM

Error!CX_SY_CONVERSION_CODEPAGE!! character set. code page '4110' to '4102'


Hey Guys ,

We`re also facing this problem in our system . We are on UNICODE and multi-language ( EN,JA and ? ) . Any way When I was running program its giving a short dump at following statement

open dataset p_ifile for input in text mode encoding default

I changed it to .. ->

open dataset p_ifile for input in text mode encoding non-Unicode .


open dataset P_IFILE in text mode encoding default for input

ignoring conversion errors.

In both cases its working fine . But here’s our fear what will happen if we kickoff our conversions in Japanese language . Does it takes care all of the characters , as i have notices wherever there’s an apostrophe " ' " in text . its dumping out .

I have also tried to create UCP parameter ID as described in one of the OSS note but it doesn’t work too ..

I mean I can still catch an exception on the fly and work around . But my only fear as I described above what’ll will happen with special characters which are in Japanese

Right now we’re saving file as UNICODE text and then opening up the file again and saving it as UTF-8 and kicking off our conversions program and loads ....

If any body can pop-up any good idea , that’ll be great with double "Tt" 😊


I have also look at the following notes . We are on 4102 code page

Note 758870 - Account statement: Character set when the file is uploaded

Note 976416 - RFEBJP00: Dump CX_SY_CONVERSION_CODEPAGE during import

Note 946493 - ! Unicode conversion: Some fields in clusters not converted

Note 626354


Saquib Khan