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Nov 16, 2006 at 07:06 PM

RFC Scenario using BPM --Starter Kit


Greetings anyone,

I've been trying to follow though the blog mentioned in my subject and have run across an issue. I was wondering if someone with some experience could help.

During the creation of my BPM, at fig:15, I do not see any Asynchronous messages availble for the start block.. or the stop block for that matter.

All objects have been created within the same namespace.

My first question is this.

Does it matter what my namespace is as long as all my objects are within it?

My Second question is

Do I have to create this namespace at the SWC level?

Can't I just create the namespace here and then create these objects as subordinates to it?

Here's a link to the blog.

<a href="/people/arpit.seth/blog/2005/06/27/rfc-scenario-using-bpm--starter-kit:///people/arpit.seth/blog/2005/06/27/rfc-scenario-using-bpm--starter-kit