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SAP HANA cloud

Apr 12, 2017 at 02:52 AM


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Hi.. I would like to start with JSP sample program connecting to HANA DB.... I have few questions can someone please clarify... I would need to start exploring with some good basic understanding...

1. I see the services SAP web IDE ,Starter Edition for Cloud Foundry Services...what is the key difference between these two.. why i can use clound foundary for js programming and not SAP WEBIDE.

2.If i need to start with jsp program accessing HANA should i proceed with.. I see some examples done in ecliple IDE not in SAP WEBIDE....

I am kinda confused with these... Appreciate if someone could clarify, so that i can start work on with better understanding...

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1 Answer

Tuncay Karaca Apr 12, 2017 at 03:09 AM

Web IDE is for only HTML5, SAPUI5 / SAP Fiori, JavaScript developments not for Java, JSP.

Please check: SAP Web IDE, summary matrix.

You need to use Eclipse for your Java / JSP developments and then you can deploy to SAP Cloud Platform. Please check for development tools: SAP Cloud Platform Tools

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Thanks Tuncay... Thats helps...and one last question on the same line..and cloud foundry is again used only for certain developments? say why i cant use webIDE for Node JS and it works in cf....


There are two types of Web IDE:

  1. Web IDE for SAP Cloud Platform
  2. Web IDE for SAP HANA * this is confusion point, it's actually called SAP HANA Web-Based Development Workbench, this one is for developing native HANA applications including Node.js So I think you need to use this. Once you have on-premise HANA or HANA on cloud (SAP Cloud Platform, Google Cloud Platform, etc), you can reach out to Web IDE for SAP HANA (SAP HANA Web Based Development) via http://<WebServerHost>:80<SAPHANAinstance>/sap/hana/ide

But I am not sure you can able to develop pure JSP applications. With HANA Web-Based Workbench you can develop:

Multi-target applications with support for HTML5, SAPUI5, JavaScript, Node.js, Java (deploy only) and SAP HANA design artifacts (SQLScript, Core Data Services, etc.)