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Former Member
Nov 16, 2006 at 02:33 PM

Receiver Determination


Just a quick question.... This is really trivia but it is bugging me....

When you send an IDOC from R/3 to the integration engine... Lets say invoice01...

Well what happens if you have many scenario's wherthis IDOC is used as the Outbound Interface and hence have many different mappings and receivers etc....

Obviously any particular IDOC is meant for a specific Receiver or set of Receivers.

So lets say our US operations send an IDOC Invoice01 which is meant as a billing invoice for CVS. How would it know to send this to only CVS if Wallmart used the same invoice but just different information?

Or we use Invoice01 as the interface for both Invoices and CreditMemo's the mappings are nearly identical..... so XI wouldn't throw an eeror there.

Basically in all of the above situations how does XI deternmine who the receiver is if the Outbound interface is used in many different scenario's? Would you have to put conditions in each recevier determination? for every scenario?