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Converting CR XI runtime engine (on WIN7) to CR 2016 in MS 2005 C++ application on WIN10.

Apr 11, 2017 at 05:19 PM


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I just downloaded the CR 2016 trial.

I am converting a windows application currently running on Window 7 build with MS Dev Studio 2005 using CR XI runtime engine. To run on WIN 10 using CR 2016. This applications installs the MVC++ 2005 redistributables. The applications uses “craxdrt.dll” and uses the following objects;

// Crystal RDC runtime library objects

IApplicationPtr m_pApplication;

IReportPtr m_pReport;

Following is log output that our application creates with messages from the various functions being called as it initializes the CR runtime engine to the actual export of the report. You will see the export report process generates an error. Where in Windows 7 the report is created as expected;

INFO: Initialization successful.</DateTim INFO: OpenReport() - CoInitialize() succe INFO: OpenReport() - CLSIDFromProgID() su INFO: OpenReport() - CoCreateInstance() s Opening report: C:\AVI\Manifest\309c\\360 INFO: OpenReport() successfully opened C: INFO : No DSN is created for XML data</Da INFO: ExportReport() - Preparing to expor INFO: ExportReport() - Export type is PDF INFO: ExportReport() - Export name is C:\ INFO: ExportReport() - PDFExportAllPages INFO: ExportReport() - DiskFileName = C:\ INFO: ExportReport() - FormatType = INFO: INFO: ExportReport() - DestinationType = Error</DateTime></Msg> Code = 80047e4c Code meaning = IDispatch error #3 Source = Crystal Reports ActiveX Description = Failed to load data ERROR: ExportReport() Failed</DateTime></ Exception:runReportEngine(1)::Unable to e Exception:runPrReport() Details:Postal Re INFO: ~CReportEngine() - Termination succ INFO: ~CReportEngine - Normal Termination

Might there be some sample code to implement this using CR 2016. Any guidance to figure this out would be greatly appreciated.

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Don Williams
Jun 22 at 09:20 PM

RDC has been out of support for 10+ years now. Only SDK is .NET or Java

You can get the .NET from here:

Samples on that page as well.

No direct convert, you need to rewrite.

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