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Nov 16, 2006 at 11:37 AM

Authorization Variable not prefilling on RRI jump



I have an Authorization Variable which prefills according to the users authorized values - this works fine in all instance EXCEPT when I jump from another query.

Has anyone seen this before?

Anybody know why?

What is the function which prefills the variable?

The jump goes to a web analyzer session. The session works fine if I just execute the jump query - but as soon as the url contains passed variables the authorization variable does not prefill.

eg. http://sldn1450dap:6777/sap/bw/BEx?SAP-LANGUAGE=EN&CMD=LDOC&INFOCUBE=H3FST_M_M&QUERY=QFCMM_AD0060_V2_JMP - works fine, variable prefills

http://sldn1450dap:6777/sap/bw/BEx?SAP-LANGUAGE=EN&CMD=LDOC&INFOCUBE=H3FST_M_M&QUERY=QFCMM_AD0060_V2_JMP&VAR_NAME=8BBS_ID&VAR_VALUE=43RUCKR22P5SIA2LJXEE2XJBN - variable does not prefill

Desperate to sort this one out. 2 days to release deadline and spending days on this.